Monday, April 16, 2012

Buddy Rush: April 2012 Comedy Screenies

More funny screenies. Actually, I have found only one so far this month.
(Update 25 April 2012: Guess I found a few more.)

The previous month's collection may be found here.

Jacky likes to kick people behind their heads.
Update 18 April 2012:
This sort of thing still happens.
Update 21 April 2012:
That's magnanimous... especially after he kicked two of us into the red zone.
Wow, look at all those words flying out of Aikilu!
Update 22 April 2012:
Oblinia gained the ability to walk through walls.
Update 25 April 2012:
Jacky kicked my buddies down...
And he ran away after that!
Update 28 April 2012:
Jacky strikes again!
There's no stopping him!
Update 30 April 2012:
Jacky's aim was horrible.
A nice mountain view. Wish there was tea.
Were we supposed to do something important?
Guess where this screenie was taken.

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  1. please make a jacky and vivich skill guide too..