Friday, April 8, 2011

Buddy Rush: Challenge Mode Loot

Look what I just scored from Challenge Mode!
After many, many games in the arena, finally, something good. Granted it is not Centurion equipment. But it is Red!

Challenge Mode is a special game in Buddy Rush where the player takes a character into the arena to fight Oblins. It is accessible through the girl with the lollipop on the side-road next to the mission guy.

The player will be randomly assigned two of his/her Buddies close to the character's level. Then the player fights wave after wave of Oblins. After a wave, the player may quit and choose a reward chest. Getting KOed will give no reward.

At the start of each wave, the player may get lucky and have some HP replenished or super lucky and have even more HP restored.

If the player loses a Buddy, a new one may join at the start of a wave. However, the new Buddy will enter the arena through the gate - one of the same gates that the Oblins use. Isolated, the new Buddy may get beaten up.

If the player is lucky, the Oblin wave may be easy. Or he/she could get the Not-Easy wave. Or the OMG-We're-Dead wave.
Challenge Mode Loot: Gladiator's Armor
Challenge Mode gives some Unique Items not found elsewhere. Items from the Gladiator set or the Centurion set that have better stats and lower requirement. Like the Gladiator's Armor above that I got when I quit after the 30th challenge.
Challenge Mode Loot: Gladius
I also got the Gladius. A number of times.

Challenging the 31st is a real risk. Most of the time, I get two minibosses and one end-chapter boss. With beefed up stats.

Update 29 April 2011:
Look what I just scored from Challenge Mode!
Centurion's Armor!
Just got it from ending the 30th challenge.
The stats don't look so good, though.
Some notable loot I've got (the number after is the challenge number when I quited):
Gladius (red) - 29, 30, 30, 27, 31
Gladiator's Armor (red) - 30, 31, 30
Centurion's Armor (colorless) - 30
Gladiator's Shoes (red) - 30
Dragon Kitchen Knife (red, level 45) - 22
Iron Shiled (red, level 49, [sic]) - 13
(Updated 3 May 2011) 

Loot I have received after Update 1.3 (no notable loot for 1.2):
Gladiator's Shoes (red) - 32
(Updated 28 June 2011) 

Loot I have received after Update 1.3.3:
Centurion's Armor (green) - 32
Centurion's Shield (green) - 35
Centurion's Armor (colorless) - 31
Centurion's Shield (colorless) - 35

(Updated 6 August 2011)

The following is the loot I received after the Fifth Wave:
Centurion's Sword (red) - 69
(Updated 27 October 2011)

The following is the loot I received after the Sixth Wave, after the introduction of Arena:
Centurion's Shield (blue) - 21
Centurion's Armor (blue) - 16
Centurion's Shield (blue) - 22
Centurion's Shield (green) - 14

(Updated 29 February 2012)

The following is the loot I have received after the second mini-wave of the Seventh Wave:
(Yeah, I had not tried Challenge in a while.)
Gladius (red) - 14
Centurion's Helm (red) - 24
(Updated 10 June 2012)

The following is the loot I have received after the Daily Quest mini-wave of the Eigthth Wave:
(Yeah, I had not tried Challenge in a while.)

Pioneer's Telescope (red) - 40
Pioneer's Telescope (red) - 52
Pioneer's Globe (red) - 40
Pioneer's Globe (red) - 42
Pioneer's Compass (red) - 40
Pioneer's Sword (red) - 42

Centurion's Helm (red) - 20
Centurion's Shield (red) - 25
Centurion's Sword (red) - 25
Centurion's Shield (red) - 25
Centurion's Armor (red) - 25 (There is no red Centurion's Set)

Gladius (red) - 15
Centurion's Sword (red) - 25

(Updated 8 January 2013)

The following is the loot I have received after the Challenge Mode mini-wave of the Ninth Wave:
Bloody Shield (purple!) - 71
Commander's Merit Medal (red) - 35
Pioneer's Globe (purple!) - 66
Commander's Boots (red) - 33
(Updated 21 April 2013)

The following is the loot I have received after the mini-wave of the Ninth Wave with the second half of Chapter 12:
Commander's Pistol (red) - 35
(Updated 1 May 2013)


  1. why are you so lucky on loots. i kept getting blue items on wave 30-31.i hardly wanna get gladius but always gets blue only

  2. I have tried many, many, many times to get those loot. Probably in the tens, if not hundreds. What I listed up there are just the notable loots. I didn't list all the colorless and greens that I've got. Keep trying!

    But I wonder if the Gladius will be obsolete once the third wave arrives.

  3. i did challenge mode about 20times. no RUs yet except RUboots.

    its 3rd wave already and the sword's +atk spd still is the best. used it on my skully level 72 and will be using it on my nagne :]

  4. Ironic.
    As you can see from the list above, I had trouble getting the red shoes but no problem with the gladius.

    I only tried Challenge Mode once in the Third Wave.
    White Tiger is still hard to beat.

  5. I m currently in my 36th wave. & I have a query. If I proceed on with the story mode, will more difficult bosses appear in the challenge mode?

  6. I'm not sure it works that way (since I tried the arena way after I've cleared the chapters).

    What I have observed is that the opponents that appear are taken from the next chapter every 5 challenges, not including the first 10. i.e. Cookie and Oblins from Tresed should appear at challenges 16+, Pengster and Loocos Oblins at 21+, etc.

    So if you have not faced anything from Xi Lin at challenge 31+ and you haven't cleared chapter 5, then maybe the Oblins that appear in the arena does depend on mission progress.

  7. Hi there Apple! Would you happen to know if there are items still worth getting from Challenge Mode that are at least at par with Jinie to Ivardark equips?:)

    1. That would be the purple Lord's Set. There are also the first parts of 2-piece set items that you can get - the other parts are in the shop.

    2. oh, I thought the Lord's set was only obtainable from Arena?

    3. Oops, sorry, got confused with the Arena. :p

      Forget about my previous answer.

      I don't play challenge much so I don't know if there's anything worth getting. There is the Commander's Set but I'm not sure how good it is. It can be traded, though.

  8. I got Cooky at Challenge 6 and 7 (twice!) and I got Pengster at Challenge 9. I haven't tried anything past Challenge 9 though.