Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Buddy Rush: Mini-wave 1.6.3

The third Mini-wave update for the Seventh Wave arrived today. For future reference, I am adding a screenshot of the airship:
Airship View 1.6.3
The first change is:
Empty Bottle may now be sold for 1k bugs.
That Empty Bottle that I had kept around since April 1st now has value.

Active skills in general have their CoolTime reduced. During missions active skills now display the CoolTime left. This is so helpful - I do not need to use a time-keeping device to time CoolTime anymore.
CoolTime now displayed.
All HP Regen bonuses in items have been doubled:
Ivardark's Grape Jam, now with twice the HP Regen.
Before the update, the HP Regen bonus on Ivardark's Grape Jam was 3.5%. It is now 7%. I noted double HP Regen on other items as well.

A new feature in this Mini-wave is the ability to refine items. Most Red and Purple items can be refined up to ten times, each time improving the items stats.
Refining Ivardark's Grape Jam.
Refining costs bugs. And at higher levels of refining, there is a chance of failure. However, failure only costs the bugs, not the item or the progress made so far.
20k to refine Ivardark's Grape Jam.
Looks like there is now a sink for all the bugs I have collected. Or should I save them for the purple items for jewels in the shop? Note that the jewels and their items cannot be refined despite being purple:
Magical Essence cannot be refined.
The item display has been improved so it is easier to see the stats. Most importantly, it is now easy to read the Set Effects of items equipped on other people's characters.
Healury's Purple Set.
And new to Mini-wave 3 is a new raid. Just when I thought I could take a break from Ivardark, Genzir v2 comes along. I should set some time later to study his moves.
Are they relatives?
No need to remember to turn on the Damage Meter this time around since either it is on by default or it takes the same setting as before the update.

The official details of the Mini-wave update is here.

"There are no new shoes to buy!!!"


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  2. For me, it is still a long long way to beat Ivardark and Genzir the Storm, My characters and items are not suitable for beating raid.

  3. Genzir the Storm is overpowered! He has Def so high that I'm doing 2 digits of damage compared to the lots of damage I do to his extras. And his Att is high too - I have to devote efforts to staying alive. Ivardark is easy compared to him.

    And Genzir the Storm has 12M HP.