Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Buddy Rush: Nagne's Skills

(This article is obsolete. An updated version for Update 1.2 can be found here.)
I had a query about Nagne's Skills. I imagine people would be looking for information out of the game since the description of his skills in the game left out some important details. So here's what I know.
Leaf Slash
Leaf Slash is an area attack around Nagne. What the words up in the screenshot does not say is that the effect radius increases with level. And the MP cost. Nagne is briefly immobile as he performs the skill, making him vulnerable to attacks, especially the heavily-damaging targeted ones (those cross-hairs on the ground).

Also, the Leaf Slash interrupts the Oblins it hits. That is, if the Oblin starts an attack but is hit by this skill before the Oblin finishes his attack, the attack is canceled. Annoyingly, if an Oblin attempting a targeted attack is interrupted, he will start the attack again - even after he has thrown the projective, effectively giving the Oblin two shots.

Unlike Nagne, who has to wait for a cooldown if stunned before he can complete his skill use. Unfair...

Update 21 March 2011:
It seems the rules are like this:
If the character is interrupted while using a skill, the character uses the skill again. That means that Nagne can attack with the Leaf Slash a second time if interrupted after he does damage but before he completes the animation.

However, if the character is stunned while using a skill, that use of the skill is lost. This applies to Oblins too. Use Kiss of Death (see below) wisely to take advantage of this.
QuickStep Slash
With the QuickStep Slash, Nagne rushes forward to hit Oblin after Oblin. What is not said is that the number of targets he hits increases according to level. It starts at 3 and goes up to 4 at level 5. It is possible that there is another increase further up but I have not made it that far yet. Also, MP cost increases per level.

This skill can be used defensively to avoid targeted projectiles (those cross-hairs on the ground) while attacking as Nagne rushes from target to target.

Update 6 April 2011:
QuickStep Slash's number of targets increases to 5 at level 9.
Kiss of Death
With the Kiss of Death, Nagne will rush straight to the target and deliver a high-damage attack. Granted none of the Oblins I have seen so far in the game are worthy of a kiss. Anyway, what the description does not say is how incredibly cool Nagne will be when he finishes off an opponent with this skill. It is something worth seeing at least once.

The description also does not say that Nagne will be stunned for a brief moment after delivering the Kiss as he poses for coolness. Not sure if MP cost increases per level.

Update: With the 1.1 Content Update (10 March 2011), Kiss of Death now stuns the target too! No more posing like an idiot if Kiss of Death fails to dispatch the opponent - now he'll be posing while politely waiting for the opponent to recover. :p

Annoyingly, all of Nagne's active skills can be interrupted if an Oblin stuns him while he is trying to use it - the MP cost is lost and the skill is unavailable until cooldown is completed if that happens. Also, the QuickStep Slash and Kiss of Death both potentially move Nagne away from team members. As such, Nagne should have good defenses (high Def, Evade and HP) as a precaution. Otherwise, lots of consumables could end up being used to keep him alive.

Having low MP and MP Regen keeps him from using his skills often - when needed, an item to replenish MP can be used. This is one way to control his skill use if he is not the active player.
Sword Mastery
Nagne's passive skill is Sword Mastery. Useful when paired with Stun to increase the chance of stunning an Oblin. Also, this increases the effectiveness of Att bonuses and makes Critcal [sic] more reliable.

Having Aikilu in the team helps increase his firepower. Having Botherella in the team weakens the Oblins' Att and Def, keeping Nagne alive longer and letting him kill faster. Having Worrier in the team gives him someone to hide behind. Having other Nagnes in the team allows simultaneous use of skills - it is cool to watch two Nagnes rush through and dispatch a group of Oblins with QuickStep Slashes.

Nagne is an offensive character with low defense. He is annoying to keep alive. But it is cool to watch him mows down Oblin after Oblin.

Buddy Rush: Nagne's Skills (Update 1.2)
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  1. i want to see numbers not just a description...well done thoug...

  2. I would love to add numbers too. But that would mean either pestering a lot of people for the information or to spend chips on skill reset.

    Best I can do right now is the screenshots above. Up to level 10, the skill increment should be the same (i.e. +15% for Leaf Slash and QuickStep Slash, +30% for Kiss of Death and +2% for Sword Mastery).

    I don't know if Kiss of Death's stun duration increases per level.

    At level 11+, Sword Mastery increases at +1% per level while skill point cost increases at 1 per level (i.e. 6 skill points to buy level 11, 7 points for level 12, etc.). Don't know for other skills.

    Maximum level at for update 1.1 is 15.

  3. Hey awesome description on the nagne. I happen to have a nagne myself, and i was wondering what is your current character build and skill emphasis (what you use your skill points on). I also realize that when i use too many attk/crit/stun items i sacrifice my def and it dies very quickly. So i was wondering if u could recommend a good and balanced character build and skill set for me, that would be awesome, thanks!

  4. I use a Passive build that concentrates on Sword Mastery with decent Atk and Def. I tried a few Nagne builds as party members and found that as long as Nagne has enough Atk and Def, it does not really matter what build is used.

    Expect to use at least one or two potions, though.

  5. Thanks for the read!

    Wondering what skill build should i have for my Nagne, just started playing it. Or maybe could recommend me the one you prefer to use.

    Cheers ^^

  6. I cannot recommend a build yet. The Fourth Wave changed a lot of things about Nagne and I am still trying things out. Of course things would be easier if I didn't get all those connection errors on Facebook.

    There's a previous article that talked a little about Nagne builds but the information is outdated.