Saturday, May 18, 2013

Buddy Rush: Curse of the Owl

Here is something I found in the Mission 'Curse of the Owl', the last Mission in Chapter 12, Doppelia.

See, the battlefield was super-Stunned with a double set of stars on the left:
Battlefield has lots of stars.
Sometimes, Owl at the end of the Mission will just freeze and refuse to play.
"Owl, wake up and play~!"
The cause seems to be attacking, Stunning and/or interrupting him while he has doppelgangers summoned and he has some sort of wind shield up.
Maybe Botherella shouldn't stand so close to Owl while she has her Ghost Storm up.
So far, to avoid the problem, I would take the fight away from Owl and deal with the doppelgangers he summoned.
Is this far enough? Can't go further since I'm stuck in a net.
Once Owl starts directly attacking again, it is safe to go all out on him.

Update 31 August 2013:
I heard from disboima that Owl hangs if interrupted (by Wolfgang's bite, Vivich's Lotus Slap, etc.). I am not sure if it will happen if interrupted at anytime or only during certain parts of the fight (like when Owl has his wind shield up).

To be safe, I avoid using interrupts on him. Wolfgang usually and conveniently expires at the start of the fight with Owl so I do not Summon him again.

Owl properly defeated!
Do note that Owl does huge amounts of damage, comparable to that from Genzir the Storm. Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring a full Raid team to fight Owl.

Update 28 July 2013:
After trying so many, many times, I finally looted the following from this Mission:
Here are it's stats:
Owl Glasses (purple!)
I wonder if there is a silver version.

Update 31 August 2013:
There is.

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