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Strike Force Heroes 2 (shooter)

Strike Force Heroes 2
Strike Force Heroes 2 is a side-scrolling arena shooter. There are five types of Soldiers to choose from and train, each with his own set of Equipment and Abilities. The game takes place in an arena with the human player against AI opponents in order to achieve the game objective. The player may also have teammates.
Team Deathmatch in progress.
The Campaign is a good introduction to the gameplay features with a simple story and a demonstration of the gameplay modes. Aside from the Campaign, there is the Custom Game where the player may set the game parameters, including the game type, the points needed to win and the players. The Custom Game mode is very flexible, making it possible to customize games according to one's interest.
Settings for Custom Game.
There is also Challenge, which has matches with special conditions. For example, there is a Challenge where all players may summon Battle Turrets continuously.
Capture the Flag in progress.
Outside of combat, the player may manage his/her soldiers. Each Soldier gains experience by defeating opponents and completing game objectives. Other than that, the Soldier's equipment may be upgraded. There is no looting of equipment during the game. The only way to get equipment is from the Shop by using War Funds earned by defeating opponents.

There is a Slot Machine in the Shop for randomized loot fun. The Slot Machine may give Equipment of all kinds of quality (usually around the level of the Soldier), more War Funds or Junk. High-quality Junk is also a possible prize.
Buy better equipment at the Shop.
Each type of Soldier has his own Abilities and Killstreaks. Killstreaks are special abilities that may be activated once the player scores a certain number of kills without dying.

Finally, the appearance of each Soldier may be customized from the available selection and camos (textures), for vanity purposes.
Selecting Abilities.
In summary, Strike Force Heroes 2 is an excellent arena shooter with various Abilities and Equipment to try out and experiment with. There are also various game modes to play along with. And to motivate the player, there are Medals to collect for achieving certain goals.

Set the graphics quality low if the game plays slowly.
How to get the almighty Sheep Cannon.
Strike Force Heroes 2 Screenshots

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