Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Buddy Rush: Aikilu's Skill Reference (1.3)

Update 1.3 came with a full revamp of the skill system. The level cap is now 20 and the cost of each skill level is fixed at 2 skill points. Each character has three active skills and four passive ones. For many of the characters, the last passive skill is an aura that gives bonuses to fellow party members too.
('Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V'-ed from the Wizz reference. :) )

This article is a reference for Aikilu's skills so you know what that cute little buddy of yours can do. This is not a skill guide - I do not have an Aikilu, so I cannot experiment with the skills.

Screenshots here are courtesy of my fellow buddy Bebe. Everyone, say 'Thank you' to my buddy.
Shooting Dumpling
This skill cools quick and the dumpling stuns its targets, making this a valuable skill in Aikilu's arsenal. The question is whether to invest skill points for a larger area of effect, or not in order to reduce the MP cost.
Before Update 1.3, this was one of The Almighty Skills. Not sure if it still is one.
Blade Typoon
Should be obvious when Aikilu does this.
Quick soft light step
This skill should also be obvious.
How dare you
Named after the Oblins' favorite phrase.

A thread on the developer's forum mentioned that the skill description is incorrect. The correct description is: When you evade a monster's attack, sometimes her attack power increases for a while. Depending on the skill level, you can get Chance +2%, Attack Increasing duration +0.5sec, Attack power +2%.
I Win!
Obvious, my little berserker.
Dance For Attack
Aikilu has this instead of an aura. I guess that Roar is her equivalent of an aura. Anyway, this skill makes HP+ items less useful while Atk+ confers more benefit. Maybe increase Def and HP Regen for defense instead. Also, having good Evade helps as it also supports her 'How dare you' skill.

Now you know the reason why that Aikilu buddy of yours has a negative HP bonus.


  1. do u have any tips on beating cow warden? the laser is basically one hit death :(

  2. figured it out xD have to stand diagonally