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Buddy Rush: Boorseye's Skill Guide (1.3)

This article has been updated with changes in the Sixth Wave (1.5). The stats for a few skills have been changed.

Update 11 September 2012:
Details on Silver-eyed Bullseye [sic] in this article.

Before Update 1.3, Boorseye was a damage-dealer, capable of handing out damage in four digits. Now that he has been reinvented, he is more of a sniper. His skills have been rearranged and his base Att has been reduced.
Greedy shot
Greedy shot fans out a number of arrows in the direction Boorseye is facing. It can be used at medium range to hit as many Oblins as possible, or at point-blank range to maximize damage on a single target. Or at long range for a random chance of inflicting stun or something nastier on Oblins out of sight.

At medium range, sometimes it is better to use it untargeted to hit as many Oblins as possible.

To target an Oblin simply click on it. Boorseye will also auto-target the nearest Oblin if he has nothing to do. To use this (or any) skill untargeted, click on the ground and drag in the direction you wish to attack. Then, as Boorseye faces that direction, activate the skill.

Update 6 July 2011:
My aim was a little off since I was trying to take a screenshot at that time.
Greedy shot at skill level 15.
No-yield shot
No-yield shot fires a number of arrows in the same direction. Each individual arrow does little damage. The true use of this skill is to inflict status effect on one or two targets.

The skill can be used untargeted. But for better results aiming at two Oblins in a row, target the Oblin at the back. If the Oblin in front goes down early, the rest of the arrows will go for the Oblin at the back. The same happens if the Oblin in front evades an arrow. (If targeted at the Oblin in front rather than the back, extra arrows may not fly towards the Oblin at the back.)
Before Update 1.3, Sneak was one of The Almighty Skills, able to buff up Boorseye's Att to great amounts. Combined with his other two active skills, Boorseye could inflict damage in four digits, per arrow.

Now, the skill's Att bonus has been reduced such that Sneak is a shadow of its former glory. Let us observe a moment of silence.

One benefit with the Sneak skill is that it can distract Oblins. Oblins hit by Boorseye while the skill is active may wander towards Boorseye, with a question mark over their head, looking for him (and failing).

In the previous update the chance of this happening increases with skill level. Not sure if it is still true (Oblins die too fast or the skill wears off too early for me to run enough tests).

Bosses are not distracted by such a cheap trick.
Bull's Eye
This skill is obvious. It gives a permanent boost to Critical.
Instinct for Survival
Increases the duration of Sneak, allowing Boorseye to keep his Att bonus a little longer. The little boost in evasion helps to avoid damage. I think the bonus to evasion works even when Sneak is not active.

Though Boorseye looks a bit round. Imagine a fat guy doing the Matrix dodge.

Update 9 February 2012:
For each skill level, Evasion increase is now +0.4%. And Evasion is now spelled with a capital E. Sneak's duration per skill level is unchanged at +0.3sec.
One Shot One Kill
This skill makes Boorseye a sniper. It gives Boorseye a chance to inflict huge amounts of damage on an Oblin. It does not guarantee a kill, though if the Oblin survives, it will have very low HP. When this skill activates, and the damage meter option is ticked on, there will be a second damage number that appears (only seen if Boorseye is the main character).

Its effect is greatly reduced against bosses. The boss will simply take an additional hit with moderately extra damage. It a way, the effect is similar to hitting the boss twice or thrice with one arrow.

Combined with the arrow-spamming properties of Greedy shot and No-yield shot, Boorseye can take out lots of regular Oblins fast. In Raids, Boorseye can take out the extras quick to keep the party supplied with orbs, and the occasional loot.

I did 6k+ damage once with this skill on the Mark2 at the start of the YA 86 raid.

'One Shot One Kill' is potentially one of The Almighty Skills. Even if it is not so effective against bosses.

Update 9 February 2012:
For each skill level, Chance is now +0.7% and Damage is +1.5%.

Update 14 March 2012:
In the Seventh Wave, 'One Shot One Kill' (when it activates) now does something like 6-digits of damage to regular Oblins. This should be enough to KO just about any regular Oblin. 'One Shot One Kill' is now one of The Almighty Skills.

Update 15 March 2012:
eyexplorer sent a screenshot of 'One Shot One Kill' activating:
'One Shot One Kill' now kills!
Update 16 March 2012:
After a quick patch, 'One Shot One Kill' has been nerfed to only do 5-digits of damage to regular Oblins on activation. The huge number in the above screenshot no longer happens.
Eyes of Boorseye
'Eyes of Boorseye' passively increases the Att of all members of the party. It is not as powerful as Aikilu's Roar (not even close) but it is more reliable since does not need MP and it does not need to be cast.


Boorseye is now a sniper, specialized in bringing harm to regular Oblins. His active skills give him lots of opportunities for skills that rely on chance (like 'One Shot One Kill') to activate. He is even more effective when combined with Stun from equips and Worrier's Blunt Aura.

And Stun works on bosses.

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  1. thanks for using the screenshot i've sent. boorseye really is one hell of a killing machine. :)